In 2014 the City of Bulawayo passed a council resolution to establish the Bulawayo Cultural Affairs Office (BCAO) to spearhead the formulation and implementation of an Arts, Culture and Heritage (BACH) Policy; and Action plan for the city. This follows spirited advocacy and lobbying by the local creative civil society spearheaded by Nhimbe Trust.

This was followed by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2015 between the City of Bulawayo and Nhimbe Trust to give effect to the Council Resolution for the establishment of the BCAO.
Building on the groundwork laid by the BCAO, the proposed BACH Policy has identified the need for the setting up of the ‘Bulawayo Arts, Culture and Heritage Endowment Fund’ (BACHEF) as a critical driver for the realization of the BACH Policy. The BACHEF will take a year to establish (May 2019–May 2020).

BACHEF Key Initiatives

BACHEF – Bulawayo Arts, Culture and Heritage Endowment Fund.

Scheduled to launch its grants program in June 2020, the BACHEF is structured primarily into three funding divisions:

Program Services Unit

Administers funds supporting artists, creative civil society organisations and groups that provide cultural experiences for the City's residents and visitors.

Cultural Institutions Unit

Provides operational support (in the form of unrestricted operating grants) for major arts and culture institutions.

Capital Projects Unit

Provides capital design, construction and equipment funds for those institutions and other cultural groups in City-owned and non-City-owned facilities.